About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is “to provide quality education, to encourage children to become life-long learners, and to promote child independence.”

We strive to provide each child with a caring, safe environment where every child can feel nurtured, and loved.

Our Philosophy

At Little Prodigy we understand that children come into our school with ranges of abilities, aptitudes, talents, and experiences. We provide opportunities for every child to pursue his or her special talents and to show areas of strength by presenting experiences that echo children's interests, emerging skills and abilities. We encourage children to experiment, explore, and follow their own interests. Our goal is to provide a learning environment that is inspired by children's natural sense of wonder and to help them become independent and confident learners. Our curriculum goal at Little Prodigy is focused around teacher- and child-initiated learning activities in nine main curriculum content areas: approaches to learning; language, literacy; Social and Emotional Development; Cognitive Development; Mathematics; Physical Development; Diversity and Social Studies; Science experiences;  Art exposure; and awareness of technology.

Who We Are

Little Prodigy is a family owned and private Preschool, it was created for one purpose, and that is that we develop an environment where not only are children learning, but they LOVE learning. We started this preschool to give every child the same nurturing experience that we are able to give our own children. 

Little Prodigy opened its Mountain View center in
2009 as a center for early childhood education.